Complete Account Management

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the Amazon marketplace for some time, online selling is rather challenging. Most of our clients fall into two groups: those that have been running for some time but have been unable to realize significant growth, and new clients that want to hit the ground running.

Our account management service helps you set up and manage your Amazon account. Through collective expertise and experience, our team will come up with growth strategies that are tailored to your specific business. Our account management services include:

Amazon Store Set Up

There is quite a lot that goes into setting up your Amazon account. These include product details, payment details, return policies, and so on. Getting these details first from the onset plays a key role in your business’s growth.

Product Listing

We will help you add product listings to your account individually or in bulk, categorize them appropriately, and add the correct product description. Proper product classification and description are crucial as it helps buyers easily find your products.

Brand Content

Appropriate placement of your brand’s information such as product descriptions, your brand’s story, and images help you gain an edge over your competition.

Inventory Management

To succeed, you need to ensure that your orders are in sync with the stock levels. Our inventory management system keeps track of your stock.