Amazon Listing Optimization

Making a product stand out in the massive e-commerce marketplace that Amazon is challenging to both new and experienced sellers. Amazon listing is made up of several elements which work together to make your products visible. Getting a single element wrong or ignoring some results in your products not being found and consequently, little or no sales.

While running advertising campaigns now and then will give you a temporary boost, listing optimization is an investment that will ultimately prove profitable. Some of the content that will help you leverage on listing optimization includes having a headline, a description that includes product photos, bullet points that highlight key features, and back-end fields.

Amazon SEO guides our approach towards this service. After a thorough customer and keyword research, we come up with content that appeals to customers and increases your conversion rates. This is achieved through the use of keywords and phrases that enable your products to rank higher, resulting in more traffic.

We provide you with a listing strategy that will evolve as the business grows. Through our performance notifications, you know how to deal with such issues as customer defection. This helps you fine-tune your processes for better customer experience.